Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Keys for Baltimore to beat the Pats

The Eagles last Sunday night lost to the Pats by 3 points, a field goal. The Pats have blown away every team, except the Colts. The Eagles threatened in the fourth. They only came up 3 points short. Why? The first reason is that they put pressure on Tom Brady. They made him throw 20 incomplete passes. The second reason was that the Eagles went up the middle. The three passes that got picked off were all thrown to the outside. The Eagles had almost all of the offense up the middle. The Pats are weak up the middle. The Eagles have made a blueprint for the NFL. The Pats need to fix this.

Baltimore has a good defense. They need to apply pressure on Brady, double cover Moss, and not play zone. Why not play zone? Because Wes Welker, #83, always gets the ball off the screen and kills you with his speed. These are the keys for the Baltimore Ravens to upset the Pats on Monday Night.

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Ted Nellen said...

So do you think that Tom Brady will repeat a poor performance? What's up with that???